Get Certified

Available Certifications

Curecrete requires certification for the following products and systems before they can be purchased and applied.  All other Curecrete products can be purchased immediately without certification. 

The products requiring certification are: 

  • Ashford Formula*
  • RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System + KickStart
  • RetroFit Restoration System

*Required for international applicators only. Certification for Ashford Formula is not required for U.S. & Canadian applicators, but is available if desired.

Certification Process

Certification typically requires a combination of completing required, prerequisite online courses, followed by an in-person, hands-on training.

  1. Complete the required prerequisite certification courses online at Curecrete University:

  2. Complete Prospective Applicator Application online application: click here 
  3. Contact Curecrete’s Product Engineering & Support team to alert them of your completed prerequisite course and application submission:

After Applying 

A member of the Technical Services team will reach out to you to discuss your application and interest.  Depending on your circumstances, level of expertise and other considerations, Curecrete will complete or suggest the following next steps: 

  • Issue an immediate 6-month temporary* certification 
  • Extend an invitation to complete certification by attending an in-person training in Utah or training held locally in your region 
  • Provide feedback as to why certification is not possible at this time 

*May require in-person training in order to become permanently certified. 

Benefits of Certification / Joining Our Team

For additional information on team benefits and upcoming in-person Certification trainings in Utah or in your local area click here.